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Daycare Contract

Please check that you have received and read parent handbook. By checking the box, you show that you agree and accept all the rules and regulations that I have written down. It also shows that you will do your best to follow my handbook and know that you may get friendly reminders if some of the rules in my handbook are not being followed.

This is a legal and binding contract between myself _______________________(director) and ___________________(parent/or legal guardian).

1.Childcare services will be provided by Lollipops Learning Academy for (name of child) ________________________ on (circle days needed) Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri from __________ until _________ beginning on _________.

2. All Major Holidays (see Calendar) will be paid while at the Lollipops Learning Academy and no childcare service will be provided.

3. The fee for childcare will be $ ___________ per week payable on Monday or if your child is part time the first day he/she attends that week. Childcare fees are due regardless of attendance. An enrollment fee of $20.00 per child is due upon enrollment of your child. This money is nonrefundable.

4. You agree to pay $25.00 for any check that is returned to me. If a 2nd bounced check occurs all payments for the next 6 months will be made in cash or by money order.

5. You know and agree that you have to provide all meals, snacks and drinks with the exception of water.

6. You know and agree to pay all costs that come about because of unpaid debt; Such as money paid out to a collection agency, legal fees and court fees.

7. You know and agree to provide me with a 2 weeks notice prior to any vacation time. You get two free vacation weeks a year-meaning a week where your child doesn’t attend and you do not pay. You also know that I require you to still pay childcare fees to hold child’s position during any vacation time beyond the two weeks or extended leave due to illness. Full payment must be received whether or not child attends.

8. Parent and daycare care provider both agree to provide 2-week written notice to terminate the Daycare Contract. Parent knows and agrees that if a 2 weeks written notice is not given to Provider prior to withdrawal of your child from Daycare, then the final 2 weeks fees will still be payable to Provider.

*Provider has the right to terminate this contract instantly if your child has caused intentional harm to the other children (such as biting, hitting and kicking excessively etc) or is purposely destroying the center and not following the rules: breaking things on purpose, damaging daycare property, swearing, defiance, disrespect, and out of control behavior.

9. All forms need to be filled out before your child can start daycare in the center. Forms will be updated every 6 months. Parents know that without the proper forms his/her child will not be able to attend until they are all filled out.

10. Parent agrees to not drop child off before 6:30am and to pick child up by 6 pm otherwise there will be a fee charged of $10.00 for every fifteen minutes early or late unless child is prearranged to arrive early or stay late but must be done 24 hours in advance. If parent is consistently late parent knows that daycare contract can and will be terminated.

List names, addresses, and phone numbers of everyone who has permission to pick up child from daycare. They will need to present ID also.






Parent Signature: _______________________________________ Date: _________

SIGNED (Provider): _____________________________________DATE: _________

Date child started daycare: __________________