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Welcome to the Lollipops Learning Academy childcare center. Please read this handbook carefully, and feel free to discuss with me (Jamie Mizan-Director) any questions that you may have.


Our goal is to have all the children in our care have a fun day where they are learning and playing while making new friends. We want your child to feel like this is their 2nd home. We want them to feel safe and comfortable here. We will provide them with lots of love and attention along with lots of fun daily activities to help them learn and grow. We hope to teach the children to respect themselves and each other. We believe all children should have a safe and happy environment. Children will be encouraged through positive reinforcement to be nice to their friends and treat them and the center with respect. We provide a daily structured program with an emphasis on learning and growing through play. We also work on “getting ready for school” through our Mother Goose Time curriculum that we use with the 1-5 year olds. The program has a daily craft, songs, stories, circle time and so much more. We enjoy being outside. If weather is acceptable, we will be outside at least 30 minutes each day. We do a lot of fun activities each day and some of them can be messy (such as painting). So please send your child in play clothes, and shoes that can get dirty or children can run in.


I hope we can have open communication between yourself and the staff. If you have a problem, I hope you come to the teacher or the director first. My door is always open and I welcome an opportunity to talk openly about anything. Any questions that you have for the concern of your child or the center is always welcome.


The forms listed below must be filled out before your child can start. Some of these forms will be updated yearly.

  • Daycare Contract
  • Emergency contact/parental consent
  • Child Health Report and physical with immunizations attached (every 6 months until age 2-every year after)
  • Medical Emergency Statement
  • Medication-Over the Counter and Prescription
  • Pictures and Video
  • IEP disclosure/Assessment form

If you need any help filling out these forms, please feel free to ask.


Your child's happiness is important to all of us. It is, therefore, agreed that the first month (30 calendar days) of your child's enrollment in the center will be considered the trial period. At the end of this trial period, if everything is going fine I will assume that your child is going to continue his care at our center. If things are not working out for either of us, then before the 30 days are up we need to discuss what is to be done next. If care continues after the trial period (first 30 days) then your child is automatically enrolled after this date. If you decide to remove your child after this date, I will need to have a 2 week written notice.

A $20 non-refundable registration fee (per child) applies to all new children enrolling in the daycare. The registration fee helps me cover the cost of printing out the handbooks and forms that are required before your child starts and any supplies that may need to be purchased. The weekly fee is $210 per week. 4 days is $170, 3 days is $130, 2 days is $90 and one day is $45. Each additional sibling enrolled gets a 10% discount for full-time enrollment. I also have a referral incentive: if you refer a parent who enrolls their child, you get $50 off one week and they get a $50 off a week after the first three months of paid enrollment.


Lollipops Learning Academy is open 6:30 AM-6 PM Monday through Friday. Please make sure your child is picked up by 6pm or a late fee of $10 for every 15 minutes late will be charged. Call in the event of an emergency.


The list will be printed in our monthly newsletter. This is the usual list of the Paid Holidays that we will be taking each year:

New Years Day Independence Day Thanksgiving Day Christmas Eve

Memorial Day Labor Day Black Friday Christmas New Year’s Eve

We are open all other holidays and if your child is scheduled to attend that day and doesn’t you will be charged for the day. We also will be taking two paid PD days every year for staff development. For snow days, we follow the Bensalem School District closing decisions. You still pay for snow days. Please watch the news, check the website and our Facebook page on those in climate weather days.

RATE CHANGES: If at anytime I decide to change my rates, you will receive a 2 week advanced notice of all rate changes. At that time, I hope you choose to continue your enrollment in the daycare or you can give me a 2 week withdrawal notice.


If your child is attending part time and you would like to add a day and there is space available that’s fine. If your child is attending part time or full time and you want to cut down on the amount of days your child is attending, then I need a 2 week notice and you will be required to pay for the spots your child has reserved. If your child doesn’t attend all the days you have reserved for him/her for the remaining 2 weeks, you will still need to pay for the contracted days.


Payment is expected on each Monday, or the first day your child attends that week. If payment is more than 7 days late, there will be a $25.00 late fee for the week and your child will not be able to return until paid in full, along with the late fees. If payment is not received within 10 days, I may terminate services, without notice.


A fee of $35.00 will be charged if a check is returned for insufficient funds. In the event of second returned check, I will need to be paid in cash or money order, for the next six months. Otherwise your daycare services may be terminated.

Parents are asked to call me at 215 942 6262 or text my cell 215 284 9822 if their child is going to be dropped off later than their normal morning drop off time. If your child is not coming to daycare because they are ill or going to visit their grandparents, etc. Please call us!! You are still responsible for payment even if the child does not attend the group. If your child is going to be late, please call. We start our educational day at 8:30am and arriving after that interrupts the program.


Your child is going to miss you while you can’t be with them. This is a very normal reaction. All children respond differently. Some are hesitant while others cry. It is normal for your child to cry on arrival, especially for the first few weeks. Try not to get upset over their crying it will stop within a few minutes after you leave. We like to do a “kiss me at the door” which is a quick hug and kiss at the door and then you go. A quick goodbye usually makes it easier on both of you. Usually within 5 minutes after a parent leaves, the children are all playing and happy. If you are worried, you can always call us to check in. You should hold your child’s hand upon entering and leaving the center. There are other offices in our complex, so we must use caution in the parking area.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, PLEASE feel free to call and discuss it with me or email.

I prefer that there are no pick ups or drop offs during nap/quiet time (12:00pm – 2:00pm), but if it is necessary, please be as quiet and brief as possible. Children who arrive during quiet time will be expected to remain quiet (they may play/read quietly) until quiet time is over, so that others who are sleeping will not be disrupted from their naps.


If you are going to pick up your child earlier or later than usual, please call us or you can let us know that morning or the night before if possible. It makes the transition from school to home easier.

I can’t allow any child to leave with anyone except the person on your child’s pick-up authorization form unless you contact me or tell me in the morning that someone else is going to be picking up your child. They will have to reach you on the phone and then give the phone to me and if you can’t be reached they will not be able to remove the child. They will also have to show me ID. If you are going to have someone else pick your child up, please let us know that morning or give us a call. It is also good to use a password that you have told me, and you tell this person just as a safe guard. If you have any concerns or questions about your child’s day, please ask us when picking him up. You can also call or email me if that is better for you.

Unless you give me court papers stating that you have been granted temporary or permanent custody, I have no legal authority to tell either parent that he/she can’t pick up their child. I will need a photocopy of the court order with the court’s signature. Please make sure I have these papers in your child’s file. Please make sure you tell me if there is someone that is not to pick up your child! If you can provide a picture of this person, that would be good too.

Please send your child in a dry diaper and dressed ready for play. Do not send your child in their pajamas or soaking wet diapers. You can send them with breakfast in the morning if they arrive before 8:30 am. Please send your child in playclothes. We will be working with messy materials (such as painting) and other activities throughout the day. We don’t want to worry about spoiling your child’s clothing. Children need to have sneakers to be able to climb and run with the other children and for safety. Make sure to include weather appropriate clothing every day hats, mittens, boots, and coats etc. Each child must have 2 changes of clothing in case of an accident. These clothes should be labeled with your child’s name that way if they get misplaced and found later, we know who they belong to.

SUPPLIES (Please make sure I have the items listed below):

Infants: Diapers, pacifier, bottles, formula, baby food (until child eats table food), bibs, and 3 complete changes of clothes (as they get soiled I will leave them in a plastic bag in your child’s box to be taken home and cleaned). I will provide wipes. They also need a light blanket.

Toddlers: Diapers/pull-ups, and 2 complete changes of clothes (as they get soiled, I will leave them in a plastic bag in your child’s box to be taken home and cleaned). I will provide wipes. They will need a sleeping bag or blanket for naptime.

Preschoolers: 2 complete changes of clothes, the list of items the preschool will ask you to bring in. They will need a sleeping bag or blanket for naptime.

Please write your child's name on all belongings, so we can return them to their rightful owners.


Each classroom has a daily set schedule. Your child’s teacher will give it to you. The infants eat and sleep on demand and so therefore, don’t really have a schedule. Occasionally we deviate from it to fit in special activities.

Transition Activities for Moving Up to Different Classroom:

The week before a child is scheduled to move up, the child will spend 15 minutes daily having one on one time with the new teacher getting to know her. The child will also visit the new classroom for 15 minutes a day to get used to the new classmates and room. For parents, the week before the transition, the new teacher will meet with the parent for 15 minutes to discuss the structure and expectations of the new classroom. The parent will also tour the new classroom and meet the child’s new classmates. Parents will be given a copy of the new schedule and be afforded the opportunity to ask questions and discuss any concerns.

POTTY TRAINING: We like the children to be potty trained by age 3 before they move up to the preschool group. Let us know when you have begun training your child. After your child has been training at home for about a week, we will begin training here. We will only potty train your child at the center as long as you are following through with potty training your child at home too. I will only use pull-ups supplied by the parent until your child is down to less than 3 accidents a day. Please keep in mind that the activity level here can distract your child which means that they will forget to use the potty. At your home, the distraction level is down, and they will do a much better job. It can take quite awhile for a child to get potty trained in daycare. Send your child ONLY in easy to remove clothing while they are potty training. If you child comes in overalls and other hard to remove clothes we will not potty train them that day. We require at least 3 complete changes of clothing including socks and extra shoes if possible during Potty Training. Soiled items will be placed into a plastic bag in your child’s box. Please replace any clothing sent home the next day.


I don’t supply any meals, or snacks. We have milk, juice, and water. You must pack your child a lunch, a drink such as milk or juice boxes, a cup and at least 3 snacks a day. You can pack their breakfast too if they are arriving before 8:30 am. I do this for allergy concerns and because I know kids don’t always eat the same things. My prices reflect the parent-provided meals and snacks. No candy or gum is allowed. On their birthdays, you can bring treats for the class if you want. Parents of infants will need to supply all formula and baby food.

If your child has allergies, and requires a special diet, please let me know.


It’s important that everyone practices good hygiene. I have the children wash their hands after they go potty and before meals and snacks, and after we come in from outside, and after playtime.

Infants and toddlers sleep in separate cribs or pack and plays. At age 1, they switch to parent provided sleeping bags/blankets that are stored here. All linens and sleeping bags must be taken home weekly to be washed by parent. If they get soiled sooner, they are sent home.


All children will have a rest period from 12:00 p.m. -- 2:00 p.m. every day. No child is forced to sleep; however, they must remain quiet. They must remain on their sleeping bag during quiet time. It is a state requirement that all children have a 2-hour rest period every day. Infants set their own nap schedule and I will just follow their lead.


Part of every day will be spent outside except in really bad weather. Please make sure your child has a hoodie or jacket with them every day in the cooler weather and sunscreen for warmer weather.


Sick children will not be accepted into daycare. If a child was sent home on Wednesday because they were ill, then they will not be able to return for 24 hours. So please do not bring your child back before Friday or they will not be permitted to stay. Under no circumstances, will parents be allowed to bring a sick child to the center. Sick children need additional care that we can’t provide. Not only that they want to be home (in their own bed) when not feeling well. They want the comfort of their own parent. Plus, all the other children and then their families become exposed to your child’s germs.

The following illness policies will be strictly enforced, for the health, well being and safety of all concerned.

Examples of associated symptoms include, but are not limited to:

1. Fever (101 F. higher)-Child needs to be fever free for 24 hours

2. Nausea or vomiting

3. Diarrhea: runny or watery stools, or 2 or looser stools within last 4 hours.

4. Sore throat, loss of voice, hacking or continuous coughing, runny nose with colored discharge

5. Runny and/or Crusty Eyes: Watery, matted, and/or red/pink eyes are not acceptable in childcare.
6. Unexplained Rash—spreadable skin conditions

7. Excessive Crankiness: Child is irritable, excessive whining or crying, wants constantly held, or requires more attention than I can provide.

8. Lice (may not return child to care until no more nits are spotted), scabies, hives, blisters, ringworm etc.

9. Communicable diseases (chicken pox, roseola, conjunctivitis, mumps, measles, influenza, etc.)

This benefits your child and the other children. Your help at keeping your sick child home is appreciated.

Parents of a child with a diagnosed contagious condition (measles, head lice, pink eye, mumps, chicken pox, etc.) are asked to notify me as soon as possible so that I may alert parents to watch for symptoms in their own children.

Some illness such as a cold, if the child is not coughing constantly or extremely ill with it, will be all right to attend daycare. Parents will need to find alternative care for the days that your child stays home for illness. You will still need to pay for your child’s day at daycare even though your child could not attend; which was agreed upon when your child started in the center. We have the right to refuse any child into the center because we feel he/she is too ill be here or may infect the other children.


If your child is on medication and it needs to be taken while he/she is at my center, the medicine should be in the original container and labeled with the child’s name, doctor’s name, name of medication, dosage, and when to be taken. If medication is to be taken only twice a day, i.e. (morning & night) then it will need to be done at home. I have medication forms that will need to be filled out that morning so please make sure you have a few extra minutes. I will not administer medication until the parent/guardian has given it at least for 24 hours. If a child is going to have an allergic reaction to the medication it should happen in those first 24 hours sometimes up to 48 hours. But if they are still fine after 24 hours, we will feel better about them coming to the center. If your child refuses to take medication from me, I will not force them to take it. Please do not bring non-prescription medicine to us in baggies. It’s so easy to forget later what it is or who it belongs to. Please label all medicines. Do not leave medicine in cubbies or diaper bags. If another child finds the medicine in your child’s cubby or diaper bag they could get very ill esp. if they are allergic to the medication. Please make sure all medicine is handed to staff for safe storage. Thank you.


When Your Child Becomes Ill at Daycare

If your child becomes ill while in our care, we will place your child away from the other children and try to make them as comfortable as possible until parents can be notified and pick up their child.

If parents cannot be located, then the persons listed on your emergency form will be contacted. Child must be picked up within one hour after notification that your child is ill.


No matter how much we watch and how careful we are accidents are going to happen occasionally. Minor cuts and bruises suffered while at daycare will receive proper care -- they will be washed with soap and warm water and properly bandaged. If a serious accident should occur, you will be contacted for instructions; unless this would endanger your child’s life. In that case, we will take necessary steps and (call the hospital, doctor, poison control, etc.). All injuries need to be documented. You will be asked to sign an injury report.

FIRE/other Emergency:
In the event of a fire, we would evacuate the center immediately and gather together outside in the playground. This will be practiced at least once a month, so the children are familiar with what to do. In case of another emergency where we need to evacuate the area, we will go next door to the Allegheny Valley School. If there is a shelter in place emergency, all children will be moved to one of the three locked classrooms. If there is a shelter in place weather emergency, all children will be moved to back left corner of playroom. All parents will be notified as soon as possible through text and through our Facebook page.

I may terminate care if the terms of the daycare contract and the daycare policies in the handbook are not followed. Some are examples are below (but not limited to):

*Forms not filled out. *Constantly late for pick up or arrival *Weekly Childcare not paid on time
*Child not adjusting to daycare (crying a lot, biting, hitting excessively with severe behavior problems).

After the trial period, if for some reason you decide to stop bringing your child to Lollipops Learning Academy, a two-week written notice is required. This will allow me time to advertise to find a child to fill your child's spot. Payment is due for the two-week notice period if the child is brought to daycare.

I like to see happy and active children in our center. Occasionally, we do run into problems. When problems with discipline start, we will try to guide your child in the right direction through positive reinforcement. Children wouldn’t be normal if they didn’t have their ups and downs. Especially toddlers, who are not old enough to communicate, sometimes have a hard time with their emotions. Sometimes they hit or throw toys, etc. We will be trying to teach children with a positive approach on how to get along with their friends.

Such as:

Child is running inside. - I would say “Please Walk Ryan” “Thank you”

Child is standing on a chair - I would say “Sally can you please sit on the chair” “Thank you”

I try to point out what they should be doing. Please walk; please use your indoor voice, etc.

Redirection - Sometimes it will be necessary for me to try and redirect one child away from another child; such as they both want the same puzzle. I would simply point out that there are more puzzles lets go and find one. That usually works great.

Time Out: If the redirection doesn’t work than I may move on to a time out; but only for children 1.5 years of age and older. They will be removed from the group for only a few minutes- 1 minute for their age, such as a 3 year old gets 3 minutes. They may have a true time out and be asked to sit by themselves for a minute or two and then we will go over with them why they had a time out and if they can think of way of fixing the problem, so it doesn’t continue. We want to try to teach them to think about what their doing and what they could have done instead. We try to teach them ways to work things out.

Removal of Privilege: If children are doing something unsafe, such as trying to run over another child with a toy carriage, then we will immediately remove the problem, such as the carriage will be put away. Usually we separate them from the problem for about 5 minutes and this usually works well.

If your child is chronically misbehaving than you will be notified. Between us maybe we can come up with a way of handling this behavior. The type of behavior I’m talking about is biting, use of bad words, chronic hitting, etc. Together, we will try to find a solution. If the solutions are not working, then you will be called to remove your child if his/her behavior prevents us from being able to provide quality care for the other children. If the problem continues, then I will have no other choice but to terminate care, for the safety and well being of all.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will there be any spanking, physical abuse, verbal abuse, name-calling, or isolation used. Neither food nor sleep will ever be withheld from children as a means of punishment.


The State of Pennsylvania according to code 3490 requires that all members of a daycare be on the lookout for, and report to the State, all cases of abuse to a child. I am therefore obligated to report to the State any suspected cases of child abuse and/or neglect.


I need to have all forms signed on or before the first day of care. Please give me a photocopy of your child(ren) immunization records with their physical form. Forms will need to be updated yearly.